Topconf 2013 Tracks

Agile & Lean

  Host: Raul Liive
  • Processes
  • Working distributed
  • Agile and Lean Adoptions
  • Scalable Agile
  • Agile, ALM Analytics

Since people started experimenting with the first versions of Scrum and XP in the early 90s Agile has matured and diversified. Agile now represents a broad range of different approaches that all share the basic principles of fast feedback loops and value driven development. They do however differ a lot in the way they approach the software delivery system. In this track we bring together some of the different Agile perspectives to explore what Agile 2012 looks like. How does Scrum, Kanban, LeanStartup and Continuous Delivery fit together and what happens when Agile goes beyond the boundaries of the development team? We bring the experts to inspire you to go beyond your comfort zone.



Host: Toomas Gavrilin
  • Usability
  • Mobile Applications and Web interfaces
  • Architectures for Mobile
  • Tools and Frameworks
Mobile industry, offering nowadays mature devices and platforms with various connectivity options, rich media support, sensors and notable computational power in combination with cloud computing possibilities, is becoming increasingly feature-rich, diverse and competitive. At the same time we are still struggling with usability and platform fragmentation issues.

This track will cover challenges and solutions of building for Mobile devices.


Experience reports

 Host: Anna Nositš
  • Enterprise Social Software
  • Hiring
  • Start ups
  • Attracting great people

Contious Delivery

Host: Priit Liivak
  • DevOps - tools and people
  • Managing scale
  • Reliable processes
  • Automation
World is constantly picking up speed and every day more data is pumped over the internet. Some developers don't even remember the times when software was delivered with physical disks. Software, like developers who write it, needs to be continuously and constantly improving. This track will share some ideas about this everlasting improvement through continuous delivery.

   Hardcore Coding
Host: Aivars Kalvāns
  • Getting closer to the hardware
  • Multi-core scaling
  • Squeezing performance out of the server
  • Polyglot stacks
  • Big data

Hardcore coding topics to please every developer, starting from beginners till the most demanding developer.


  Cool and  upcoming  technologies
Host: Matti Jagula
  • NoSQL, NoORM, NoOO, No*
  • Big Data, NoSQL
  • Bitcoin (crypto currencies)

Innovation in the technologies is proceeding at breakneck speed. From NoSQL to latest in Javascript MVCs, in this track we'll explore what's the latest and greatest developments in technologies, so you can stay on top of the situation.


Hosts: Matti Jagula and Toomas Gavrilin
  • Cloud Architecture APIs & Tools
  • Architecture & Design
  • Evolution & Improvement
  • High Performance Systems

A new breed of companies are creating web services that delight their users. These companies are often small and innovative and their products are simple, beautiful and effective. In this track we will look at a number of these companies and their architectures, looking at the decisions they have made and examine how they are responding to the challenges of increasing popularity. 

  Enabling Solutions
Host: friends of Topconf
  • Cool companies
  • War stories
  • Great tools servicing the industry

In ever-competitive markets, to have the coolest company or product is highest on most CEO’s wish lists. Whether your launching a new startup or you are well established using many resources for R & D we all need to be innovative and cool to stay ahead and separate the competition. This track provides an opportunity to share best practice with insights on the latest advancements from proven entrepreneurs and cool companies whose innovative technologies have allowed them not just float to the top but more importantly stay there. Understand what it takes to be a cool company and continue to develop cool technologies. Topics will range from innovation, getting an idea off the ground, handling growth - using nature as inspiration - having an entrepreneurial sprit and sharing best practice.

  Project Management  Host: Anna Nositš

Software project management is the art of planning and leading software projects. The project manager is like the conductor of the chorus, whose skills and charisma will form a master piece from contribution of every single team member. A good project manager has the ability to understand the big picture of the whole project and knows how to  motivate team members to achieve your common goals.

Although the team management has determining role in well managed projects, there are more important  roles/factors which have an impact to the project success. Such as the project environment, project steering, interested parties.

Project are not carried out in isolation, and normally all the external factors that could influence a project are designated as being part of the project environment. While managing a project you are involved in the “big game of interest” – there always are many different parties who have some personal interest in the project and being a good project manager political skills are needed to deal with these interests. Every project needs the support from steering committee with the ultimate responsibility in order to succeed in  this game.
·  Motivation
·  Lean implementation project
·  Lean for organizations and project management
·  Well managed projects
·  Scrum