Program Committee

To ensure the high quality of the Topconf conference program in the long term, all presentations will be tested scientifically and thematically. The evaluation is done by our independent conference program committee with members from various ICT companies and countries.

Members of the Program Committee Topconf 2013 are:

Priit Liivak
Head of Engineering
Nortal AS


Priit learned to program before he learned to play games with computer. Most of his career he has been in software developer role. Always searching for innovative ideas and eager to adopt new technologies.

Aivars Kalvāns
Lead Software Architect
Tieto Latvia

Aivars Kalvāns holds the position of Lead Software Architect at Tieto Latvia and is working on Card Suite payment card system. During his more than 10-year career Aivars has been involved in number of projects related to credit card issuing, acquiring and utility payments through mobile phones, ATMs and POS-terminals. He enjoys solving both design and technical problems and likes to work on personal and Open Source projects using C++ and Python in his free time.


  Anna Nositš
Head of Technical Solutions Division, CGI Estonia


Anna is a person with true management skills. She has a broad IT Project Management  and Program Management experience. She has a lot of interesting and complex projects in her professional portfolio - starting from Software Development projects and  ending with infrastructure projects such as DataCenter consolidation and migration. Anna is EPMA (Estonian Project Management Association) member and one of the co-founders. She works at CGI Estonia as a Head of Technical Solutions Division and also fulfills the role of Project Management Practice leader.

Matti Jagula
Senior Software Developer

Matti is a programming language geek always on the lookout for the most suitable paradigm for the current problem at hand. He has more than a decade of experience in the software business working as a consultant mainly in the telecommunications and public finance sectors. Currently he enjoys the madness of the startup world, helping to improve the life of all mechanical engineers. In his spare time he hacks Clojure and struggles with juggling.



Raul Liive
Beta Program Manager
Microsoft, Skype Division 


Raul is a professional with 7 years of experience in different roles around software development and testing. During this time he has gained substantial experiences in building and developing communities, outsourcing, software testing, in implementing Scrum, and in organizing events. He is also a corporate blogger on the Skype Garage blog and has been speaking on industry conferences. He is Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner. Soon he will have a Master Degree in Design and Development of Virtual Environments from University of Tartu. He is interested in innovative products which aim to change lives of tens of millions. Specialties: Organiazing, community building, software testing, outsourcing, blogging, public speaking.

  Toomas Gavrilin
Competence Manager, Swedbank IT 
  Toomas has over 15 years of professional experience in different roles to do with software development for Insurance, Telecommunications and Financial sector. He enjoys both working with people and solving complex technical issues. Main challenges for y2013 are bringing Euro to Latvia and driving organizational improvements in Swedbank IT. 
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