Server login considered harmful

Willem van den Ende

  The DevOps (Development and Operations together) and the cloud sparked a renewed interest in configuration management tools that generate configurations for one or more servers. In the past two years together with Stephan Eggermont I have used both puppet and chef, two relatively new configuration management tools. 
While doing this, we learnt that each time we logged in to our servers, we were building up technical debt for our configuration management. Hence 'Server login considered harmful'. We use Vagrant to keep ourselves honest: as long as we can't recreate a server completely from our scripts, we are not done. 
Come to this presentation to learn from our DevOps mistakes and successes, see if you can benefit from the tools we use, and if you also have experience, there is room to exchange ideas.
Level:   Beginner
  Building products that matter
  DevOps, Configuration Management
Session format:
Language:   English
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