Promise is debt

Willem van den Ende


  • Did you ever... 
    ...feel you have no grip on the situation? 
    ...try to solve problems but the team seems to be stuck in a vicious circle? 
    ...put out fire after fire, where putting out one fire seems the ignite the next 
    In this presentation, we describe a recognizable story from our experience – a team 
    makes promises to their customer in such a way that it becomes almost 
    impossible to fulfil them... This creates a downward spiral of making 
    promises, breaking promises, and making new promises to compensate the 
    customers' disappointment. In the end, both the team and customers lose 
    trust and the team loses its credibility. 
    We will show what the root causes are and how you can really solve the 
    problem, using systems thinking with diagrams of effects. 
    Systems thinking is an approach where a (part of an) organisation or project 
    is seen in terms of variables that influence each other. Systems thinking 
    focuses on the interdependence of parts instead of linear cause-effect 
    relations. It is about seeing the whole and about dynamics and change, with 
    feedback playing an essential role. 
    Systems thinking helps to make mental models of different stakeholders 
    explicit and to see not-so-obvious effects and self-reinforcing loops. This 
    makes it easier to find effective interventions.
Level:   Intermediate
  Systems Thinking, Diagram of Effects, Technical Debt
Session format:
Language:   English
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