June 8-10 2015

Internet of things, Mobile, Lean/Agile, Testing, DevOps, Project Management, Product dev & mngt


  • Andrii Dzynia

    Software Quality Engineer @ Spotify

  • Vitaliy Rudnytskiy

    Thinker. Talker. Doer. Rester

  • Alberto Lopez

    EMEA Developer Advocate

  • Joseph Carson

    You are only as good as your data, Truth not Trust is the Key.

  • Pawel Brodzinski

    Leader, Experimenter, Change Agent

  • Nicolas Fränkel

    Java Geek

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  • Every queue should be a fast track

    In this session we'll discuss the major problems and obstacles when implementing a pleasant checkout experience, talking about the latest trends in the commerce world, where the line dividing the realm of online and offline commerce becomes thinner from day to day. As our customer’s demands change continuously, the vendors need to improve the checkout process regularly to provide their users a satisfying and compelling experience.

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  • Build Web Responsive Apps with OpenUI5

    OpenUI5, a powerful web UI library has recently entered the Open Source world. As the developers, we want to introduce you to it and demonstrate how you can easily develop responsive web apps that run on and adapt to current browsers and devices.

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  • Quality Built In @ Spotify

    Do not expect a silver bullet or even receipt to success. But definitely expect a lot of information about continuous delivery / deployment / improvements with a case studies and lessons we learned at Spotify.

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    Conference has many different sections each day.

    June 8

    • Training and Workshop

    June 9

    • Internet of things
    • Project Management
    • Testing
    • Mobile

    June 10

    • UX / UI
    • DevOps
    • Agile & Lean
    • Product Development & Management
  • Venue

    Topconf Buchrest will be at Radisson Blu Hotel, Calea Victoriei 63-81, Sector 1 in Bucharest, Romania.

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  • About_Topconf

    Topconf Bucharest is a premier software conference designed for Developers, Product owners / managers, Architects, Project Managers, Methods- and Process-Experts. Our speakers are authors, experts and practitioners across various areas of software development.

    Topconf Bucharest offers ideal opportunities for learning, networking and tracking innovation occurring in the Java, Mobile, .Net, OpenSource, Lean/Agile, Project Management, Architecture, New Languages & Process communities.

    Topconf Bucharest is part of the international Topconf Software Conferences.