Raul Liive



Raul Liive is a Beta Program Manager in Microsoft, Skype Division.

Raul has an experience of more than seven years on different fields of software testing and development from Skype.

Raul was one of the first Scrum Masters in Skype when Skype adopted Scrum as their software development methodology. Raul has utilized Scrum also on multiple moonlighting projects and mentored teams on implementing Scrum part of writing Master thesis on subject of “Using Scrum in a Side Project with Distributed Teams”.

Raul has also an extensive experience on software development related vendor management, where he has worked 6+ years on managing vendors around the world. He has managed the complete process of outsourcing, by defining the need, running tenders, executing contracts, statements of work, managing day to day activities and even ending relationships.

Raul has gained a long term experience on managing, expanding and improving Beta testing and internal in-company product feedback collection (Dogfooding in Microsoft). Closed or public beta testing is being executed in many companies, as it helps to know earlier how good your product really is. Executing a beta test or dogfood is a way to expand your definition of done-done-done, in case you’re following Scrum.

Raul is passionate on well-working products and strongly believes that no product should have a manual. Instead the product should be make more usable.

Raul has gained a Master’s Degree from University of Tartu’s “Design and Development of Virtual Environments” program.

Design and Development of Virtual Environments is an innovative course in University of Tartu. The course empowers learning trough doing. We developed, a real life, project in every semester, where we used in practice all the new skills we have obtained.

Topics covered were belonging to areas of business, design and software development. We covered everything what an effective software Product Owner needs to know and master.

Raul is currently studying in University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy a Masters degree on new innovative international masters program of Design and Development of Virtual Environments.


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