Andrus Kivisaar



Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Project Management Association, an organization that gathers project managers and promotes the project management in Estonia by cooperating with universities and big companies.


For 6 years Andrus has been serving in various managerial positions in Swedbank Group's IT Division. His main responsibilities have been managing complex cyber security and public key infrastructure programs within the group. Prior to joining the Swedbank Group, he was a Head of IT Development at the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs. During the time in MoSA he was responsible for the IT development portfolio of MoSA main office and its subordinate departments. During the time at the MoSA he also represented the MoSA at the Estonian e-Health Foundation. An independent institution promoting and developing national e-solutions within the health care system. He has also strong background in the health sector and e-health development. Before joining MoSA he was the IT Director for one of the biggest hospitals in Estonia. He has been in charge of large/scale IT consolidations and implementation of complex e-Health solutions.


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