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Vaclav Pech


Let's write better Java code, faster. Can we get Java with closures, tuples or functional programming today? Will it help us build web applications? How intuitive Domain Specific Languages will it let us create and will they be type-safe?

JetBrains MPS gives positive answers to all of these questions. MPS is an open-source language workbench that aims to make programming life easier and give you more problem-resolution focus. In this talk we'll give you an introductory tour to MPS. We'll create several Java language extensions, play a bit with the existing ones, show several handy DSLs, build a web application and then put all the pieces together so you can get a complete picture of what MPS can do for you and your projects.If the promise of headache-free programming excites you, this session is for you.

Level:   Intermediate
  Solution track
  Java, languages, web application
Session format:
Language:   English
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