Transparent development and the project management renaissance


Peter Hilton


Software development organisations can use a policy of transparency, varied Internet-based communication tools and the occasional programmer with social skills to remove the need to have a dedicated project manager for every development team. The obvious benefits are smaller teams, more efficient projects and reduced costs. The less obvious benefit is that project management gets more interesting as a result.

This isn’t possible for every project or team, but allows the smaller and easier projects to scale down and get done faster with a smaller team. Meanwhile, specialist project managers can focus on the hard project management problems or expand the scope of their roles.

This talk explains how this can work in practice, why it can be difficult,

Level:   Intermediate
  Building products  that matter
  project management, agile software development, transparency, communication tools, project management tools, software project roles and how your organisation might make it fail. This a practical talk for working project managers and software developers, based on real projects, not a theoretical discussion.

Session format:
Language:   English
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