Agile communication: Back and forth between managers and teams

Zuzi Sochova


Everybody agrees these days that communication is one of the key success factors in any project, regardless of their size and complexity. During the agile adoption process, many teams and managers are blind to communication issues and believe everything is working just fine. However, experience suggests that communication is failing at many levels -managers don't really understand their developers, testers and other geeks, who on the other hand often fail to effectively sell their point back to management. Similar situations exist between sales and technical experts or even between developers and testers.

The fact is that speaking the same language doesn't guarantee the understanding of each other's points. This highly-interactive talk shows typical communication patterns, behaviors and provides eye-opening insights into the ways communication can improved Some practical games include the whole audience, which typically makes the session very lively and engaging.

Level:   Expert
  Building products that matter
  - Communication is important
- in agile more than at any other methodology ever. We communicate on daily basis with our colleagues in the team, with management, with customer and we should be efficient in that.
- We are often playing communication games, and using communication patterns. Choose how will you response to those patterns, choose your attitude, it’s just about your head.
Session format:
Language:   English
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