The Pull Request CMS

Date: 2016-11-16
Begins: 11:10
Ends: 11:50
Room: Bolero 1
Level: Intermediate
Track: Front End
Topics: DevOps, build pipelines, Git, Github, Pull Request

Static site generators are the new best thing in the web development world: They reduce website creation to the bare minimum of reusable templates, and allow web devs to focus solely on the Front-End: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Everything else is done by a build system. No wonder so many new websites are based on the likes of Jekyll, Metalsmith or Middleman.

But moving from a CMS fortress to pure static site generation is not an easy task. Especially if your site exceeds the average blog and features thousands of pages and lots of authors and editors involved. It requires both Ops and Devs to heavily rethink build processes and delivery pipelines, mostly because of one single thing: content is now part of the software!

In this talk, we will explore the challenges of moving not only a page, but whole organisation to static sites. We will see how both the website development processes as well as the content creation processes had to change, and what went good, and what didn’t. We will find out if treating content as a piece of deployable, versionable software is a good thing. And if the build trigger is more like a big red button of impending doom…

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