Plumbin' Pipelines: JavaScript build tools on steroid

Date: 2015-11-18
Begins: 12:00
Ends: 12:40
Room: Bolero 1
Level: Intermediate
Track: Automation
Topics: Grunt, Gulp, Broccoli, Automation, Build Tool, JavaScript

It has been some time since JavaScript build tools like Grunt or Gulp were just the "next big thing" for web developers. Working without them is nearly unimaginable nowadays and it seems that there's almost no problem in our day to day workflow which cannot be solved by simply using just another plugin.

But are build tools really the answer to everything? How would you create a local development environment fetching data from different backends, executing PHP, and having LiveReload sprinkled on top of it. All just out of your everyday buildfile. Or try dealing with file patterns that require a little more detail than just the basic wildcard selections you are used to.

In this talk, we will take a look at the ten most common problems which seem to be unsolved by using just the build tool basics. We will create advanced building pipelines for our custom processes and find out reusable patterns which can be applied to similar issues.

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