30 November -0001 | Linz, Austria

CSS Architecture for Large-Scale UIs

8:30 registration, 09:00:00– 17:00:00 at Courtyard by Marriott Hotel

Ten years ago most websites were small affairs, with perhaps a handful of pages and very simple designs. Today, however, the majority of websites are very different beasts… There’s no denying that web -sites, -services and -apps are getting much bigger; more views, more pages, more layouts, more browsers on more devices, more developers contributing to codebases: it’s time we levelled up our CSS. This full-day workshop shall give a whirlwind overview of:

  • how to assess, normalise, and rationalise designs;
  • how to split designs up into discrete objects, abstractions and components;
  • naming conventions and general advice for naming things;
  • the ITCSS architecture for managing CSS projects; how to effectively manage layout;
  • theming and skinning;
  • how to use Sass to tie things together;
  • and anything more you think of on the day!

So much to cover; so little time! Bring your laptop and your best CSS game and let’s get cracking. It’s gonna be fun!


  • Your laptop with:
  • Text editor
  • Sass
  • Git(Hub) (optional)

EUR 450 plus VAT; lunch & refreshments included

Harry Roberts
With a client list including Google, the United Nations, and Unilever, Harry is an award-winning Consultant Front-End Architect who helps organisations and teams across the globe to plan, build, and maintain product-scale UIs.
He writes on the subjects of CSS architecture, performance, and scalability at http://csswizardry.com, develops and maintains Inuitcss, authored CSS Guidelines and Tweets at http://twitter.com/csswizardry.

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